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Testing measures the I in IQ

Customer Testimonials

"Himarqs is a wonderful tool for anyone looking to help children reach their academic goals."

Terri Janison
Clark County in School Board Trustee
Las Vegas, Nevada

"I love the idea that I can make my own tests for my children, customize them in the words they can understand, and create a little fun during test time."

Patty Martinez
Home School Mom
Las Vegas, Nevada

"At first I was doubtful ...but wow was I surprised at how easy it was to create tests for continuing education. It cut my time in half!"

Gino Gambardella
Real Estate School Counselor
Las Vegas, Nevada

"I was looking for a program that would allow me to create practice tests for an accredited online degree program. I searched online and discovered hImarQs. I was very impressed and surprised at how easy it is to use. Within minutes I had created a practice test to help me learn the course material. hImarQs is an attractive, user friendly and effective program for measuring skill-sets of all kinds."

Nicole Joseph
System Technology Administrator
U.S. District Court - Nevada

"I performed a test assessment to analyze how a Company could utilize the test tool capabilities of HIMARQS for education and training during a new ERP implementation. Based on the objectives of the test, the following test cases were performed:

Create test scenarios based on the new project's business process scripts
Create practice test for employees
Create test with a pass/fail score
Create final certification test for employees

The conclusion is HIMARQS is a great testing tool that could be integrated in a Company's implementation and rollout of a new ERP solution.

The benefits that can be achieved are employee education and training based on the new standard business processes developed in the new I/T implementation and a certification test for employees to practice and take the final test with a passing score before they are allowed to use the new I/T solution in the Company's Production environment."

Rachael Dawan
Senior Managing Consultant in Information Technology (I/T)
for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Package Solutions.

Our business relies on a broad distribution of agents located in very diverse geographical areas around the world. Because our business has some very technical elements to it, our network of agents must be continually trained on changes to our products and services to ensure that they are up to date on the most current information.

The Highmarqs testing systems would give us a tremendous advantage in the marketplace as it not only allows us an opportunity to distribute information out to our network in a timely fashion, but also ensures that it is received, understood and retained through an extensive testing program.

Highmarqs software has shown me a way that we can manage our agents network and be responsible for taking our training and evaluation programs to a different level by having the ability to create and test on our agents with company created tests.

Randy Fleitz
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
AirMed International, LLC

HiMarQs will be very instrumental in the success of RE/MAX Properties. All agents will be tested prior to hire to assess their understanding of basic real estate, as well as new laws and regulations. Using HiMarQs will allow us to hire the best and most knowledgeable agents as well as significantly reduced our training cost. The agents will have access to HiMarQs when studying for new licenses, continuing education or if they need a refresher lesson. I highly recommend using HiMarQs for training, testing or any other assessment needed of employees.

Candace Bailey
RE/MAX Properties
Luxury Suites International

I was never computer savvy so I've always shied away from computer software products, but after using this extraordinary new software Highmarqs, I feel totally different. This magnificent testing tool that's great for learning and teaching kids or adults of all ages, is so user friendly it makes you feel like an expert at creating test for students.

Dr. Lisa A. Schiano


"Federal Administration Drafts STEM Five-Year Strategic Plan"

The United States owes its pre-eminence in the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, energy,environment and national security to the advances in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

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