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Product Snapshot

Aviation Technology

The tests on Aviation Technology cover every aspect involved in understanding how a plane works, including topics such as Parts of a Plane, Aviation History, Aircraft Motion, Airport Signs, Aircraft Altitude, Fuel System Components, Hydraulic System and Engine Instruments.

Robotics Precursor: Analogue and Digital Circuitry/Control Circuitry

The Robotics Precursor tests have several topics that assess the student learnings and theoretical knowledge of the subject. These include topics such as Signals, Ohm's Law, Circuits, Voltage, Resistors, Series-parallel circuit, Transistors and Emitter Configuration.

Music Technology

Music technology is another specialized STEM subject that tests students on topics such as Sound Waves, Frequency, Musical Expression, Durational Patterns, Harmonics, Digital Workstations and Amplitude Measures.


Games is a popular STEM field, which requires specialized skills. Our tests cover various game-related topics such as Video Game Consoles, Real Time Strategy Games, Gaming Genre, Video Game Graphics, Post-Processing Filter, VRAM and Gaming Terminology.


Our Chemistry assessment tests comprise basic and advanced topics such as Substance of a Mixture, Extensive Property, Electrons and Isotopes, Diatomic Oxygen, Subatomic Particles, Dimensions of an Atom and Ionization Energy.

Wireless Technology

The Wireless Technology tests offered by HIMARQS featuring modules on Sending Information, Communication Equipment Commonly Used in Law Enforcement, Interconnection Of LANS, Digital Network Communications, History of Wireless, Broadband Wireless Communications and Bluetooth.


"Federal Administration Drafts STEM Five-Year Strategic Plan"

The United States owes its pre-eminence in the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, energy,environment and national security to the advances in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

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