Highmarqs STEM Edition software™
Testing measures the I in IQ


Welcome to the hImarQsTM list of Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ! Before you fill out a support ticket, we encourage all of our customers to consult the FAQ since there is a good chance the answer to your questions is already here!

Q: Once I buy a hImarQs product, how long do I have to re-download it if I were to have a hard drive crash or if I were to buy a new computer?

A: Your download is good for 72 hours from the day you download it.

Q: How can I run the program on a MAC machine?

A: You will need to install OSX Windows operating system on your MAC.

Q: What are the compatible Window operating systems?

A: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10

Q: Can I run the software from any drive on my computer?

A: No, it only runs from the C drive.

Q: How can I get product updates?

A: Visit our Support page on this website.

Q: Can I extend the trial, if needed?

A: Yes, contact us for instructions on how to extend the trial.

Q: Why can't I open a test that I received in email?

A: First, you have to unzip and extract the tests into a new folder then open the new folder using hImarQsTM software.

We hope that this FAQ has helped to resolve your issues. If you still have questions about the products, you can contact us, or if you are having issues with our software, you can contact customer support . We will respond to your issue within one business day. Thank you for your interest in hImarQs™products.


"Federal Administration Drafts STEM Five-Year Strategic Plan"

The United States owes its pre-eminence in the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, energy,environment and national security to the advances in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

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