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Our Company

HIMARQS (pronounced High Marks) is a 100% woman-owned educational software company incorporated in Nevada.


Debra Sabree, the Founder/CEO/President of HIMARQS, Inc. has extensive experience in the technology sector, including consulting expertise in Project Management, Software Development and Software Quality Assurance at Fortune 500 companies, includes Visa, Wells Fargo, Clorox, Levi Strauss, Bank of America, and Kaiser Permanente to name a few. Debra earned an Honorary Certification in Project Management at the University of California Berkeley.

In a field where both women and minorities are underrepresented, Debra is passionate about equal opportunities for K-12 students to choose STEM careers.

For more information about our company values and vision or to find out how to invest in STEM education software, Debra can be contacted at dls@himarqs.com.


"Federal Administration Drafts STEM Five-Year Strategic Plan"

The United States owes its pre-eminence in the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, energy,environment and national security to the advances in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

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